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Forms are provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file format. Prior to retrieving a copy of the form, it is essential that Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on your system.  If you are sure Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on your system, simply select the form  that you wish to obtain a copy of.  Click here if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.02 or later and need instructions for downloading and/or installing it.

This section contains various forms which are needed in order to fulfill various requirements to obtain the written permission of the Board of Directors to:

bullet Resident Profile --  New residents should complete this form and return to the Board of Directors. Existing residents should consider resubmitting this form if key information changes.
bulletRequest for Household Pet Occupancy--New or existing residents wishing to bring a pet to the development must be complete, sign and submit this form and receive back a signed, approved copy of the form prior to bringing a pet to the development. After this form has been submitted to the Board of Directors, it will be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Board.
bulletNew Tenant Profile--Landlords who are planning on moving a new tenant into their unit must have their tenant complete and sign this form. The completed form must then be submitted to the Board of Directors prior to the new tenant moving in. Additionally, a copy of the executed lease must be submitted to the association.
bulletRequest for approval of Home Business or Home Office--New or current residents wishing to operate a home business or home office are required to submit this form prior to commencement of any home business or home office within their unit. This application is to be submitted by the Owner of the unit. Such application shall be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the intended date that the individual wishes to commence use of the unit for such use. The application will be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Board of Directors.
bulletRequest for Building Permit--Owners wishing to make modifications to their unit which has the potential to impact the outside appearance of your unit or have any potential impact on the structural integrity of the adjoining units must complete and submit and receive back a signed, approved copy of this form prior to commencement of work.
bulletLetter of Understanding--Residents wishing to complete repairs to any part of their unit which is designated common area, with the anticipation of being reimbursed by the condominium association, may do so by submitting this form and receiving an approved, signed copy of the form. Approval by the Board does not commit the Board to reimbursing the unit owner for a particular amount or a particular date that reimbursement will be made. Reimbursement amount shall be at the sole risk of the unit owner electing to utilize this procedure to complete repairs to his or her unit.
bulletApplication for Exemption of Residential Property from Hampton Beach District Promotional Taxation--Residents of Royale Sands who owner-occupy (almost all of us!) their property and do not receive any income from their property are entitled to an automatic abatement of a portion of the tax rate by simply submitting this form to the Town of Hampton Beach Village District prior to April 15 each year.  In order to automatically receive the abatement, all you need to do is complete and return the form prior to April 15. See the website link above and look for this years form.
bullet Candidate Information Personal Data Form - Residents who wish to run for a position on the Board of Directors should complete this form and return it to the Association president prior to the annual meeting and election.


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