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RSBC List of Approved Building & Replacement Materials

last update: November 26, 2019


This is a listing of approved materials for use at Royale Sands.  Residents MUST complete a “Building Permit Form”, available here, and have it approved by the Board before undertaking any project.  Do not use any materials other than those listed here, and if in doubt, please check with the Board first.  Thank you for your understanding.



Decking and Rails

                Rails - Timbertech -All rails, post, infills, spindles, etc... must be Timbertech Radiance Rails in "Mountain Cedar"

          Decking - Timbertech (Now AZEK) PVC product, XLM line made by Azek

Door Hardware

       All door hardware should be replaced with the same exact style and color (silver) when possible.

            If the exact model is not available, the following are approved options for front doors:

            Poolside Buildings A & E ONLY - May use any standard silver color lockset. If a keypad lockset is desired, you may also use the following model or another model with the Board's prior approval: 

FE595 V CAM 716 ACC
function: keypad entry
style: camelot/accent
finish: bright chrome

      Other Buildings (Non-Pool) - Must use the same silver lockset. If not available, must have Board's approval first. This is a shared unit entry door.


These are the approved doorbells.  Please check with the Board before installing any doorbell. Models/styles continue to change.  

Option 1 – Existing Doorbell – The existing Nutone doorbell/intercom system has been discontinued and there is no replacement available. Often times, these doorbells can be repaired by replacing the pushbutton mechanism with a replacement available at a local hardware store.  This repair should cost less than $5. You may continue to use the existing housing until it can no longer be repaired.

Option 2- The following replacement doorbell/intercom/camera system may be installed. You will likely need to hire an electrician to install this system. These are professional systems and are typically not a DIY install, these units  cost about $185

COMELIT Hands-Free expandable video intercom system. HFX-700M Kit

Please note: This model is now discontinued, but seems to still be available online. It might be best to have your electrician order and install. This Comelit model has been replaced by a slimmer outdoor unit. The replacement unit may be installed in place of the unit you might see pictured on the web.

Option 3 -  You may install several of the doorbells in the Ring lineup, again please complete the building permit form first as these are consumer products which change rapidly and are offered in varying colors. Please select Black to match as closely as possible to the Comelit units above.  Note that these units might require a monthly service charge with Ring/Amazon. Some appear to be a DIY project, and some specifically recommend pro installation. Some are wifi, some are hard wired or both. These units range in cost from $99 to over $500

Approved Options:  Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell 2, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Ring Video Doorbell Elite


Doors  (Glass  Siding)

                To be detailed

Doors (Non Glass)

Doors must be replaced with a model that has an EXACT appearance, and then  painted with the Hardi approved colors detailed above.

Therma-tru fiberglass doors

Doors (Screen Doors, Poolside Buildings “A & E” ONLY)

                The screen door must be replaced with the exact size, shape and color in place today OR the following models, recently available at Lowes

Savanah - Bronze tone - Available at Lowes    

the following may no longer be available as of 6/2018           

Larson - Half Fixed Screen - Model 288-SS, color "Earth Tone Brown" (Special order - 14 day lead time, white is in stock but is NOT an approved color)

Emco 200 series bronze, model #E2SS-36BZ

 Rite Screen - Model #97015 in Bronze


Doors (Deck Storage)

                To be detailed


Garage Doors

                To be detailed



    Manufacturer - Quoizel (USA), Product Family - Stonington,  Finish - Bronze

        Entry/Solarium/Rear deck  - SNN8406PN

        Pool - SNN90009PN

Metail Railings

    Railings inside solariums and on exterior decks are painted with Sherwin Williams DTM Bronze Tone, available in stores. 


Siding & Trim Material & Colors

                Siding is “Hardiboard”.

                Buildings  “A,B,D,E “ color is “Boothbay Blue

                Building  “C” color is “Mountain Sage

                Trim is “HardiPlank” color is  “Khaki Brown

When painting any old cedar siding, including the interior solarium siding, the above colors are to be used until all surfaces match the new “Hardi” colors.  Paint should be custom matched to the Hardi colors. Hardi siding or trim should not be painted at this time.

Paint Colors

    Any interior solarium or old cedar siding should be painted to match the hardi colors listed above. We've learned that garage doors are slightly different color shades, and so please use these colors for garage doors.

Blue garage doors

Green garage doors



                There are various sizes of skylights installed at Royale Sands. Replacements must be of the exact make, size and style. Our installed skylights are manufactured by Velux.

                 Example Skylight: Installed on the rear of the units of Building C (Units 9-20)

                Velux Model # U04 ("U zero four") - 53" x 39" operating with flashing. Available from Eldredge Lumber of York ME & Patriot Skylight of Hampton

Solarium Window Crankouts

                Contact NH Sunrooms  603-890-6777 - - Salem NH


                Contact Fairvu Millwork for assistance: 

                Solariuim glass replacement is usually coordinated by the Association through NH Sunrooms, ask for Frank Rulo. We are also exploring replacement glass from

Timberlane Glass and Mirror
108 Main Street
Plaistow, NH 03865
Phone:  603-382-6969



Sprinkler Covers

             You may notice that each unit has a number of sprinkler covers/caps on the ceilings. These are designed to cover the sprinkler and activate if a fire is detected. It is very important not to block or paint over these covers as they will not pass inspection. If you need new covers you will need the exact replacement. They are available from Ebacher Sprinkler in Amesbury Mass. They must be of a G1 rating for 135 degrees.


Windows are to be replaced with an exact size, and appearance ANDERSON window.  You may choose different glass options  such as Low E, as long as the appearance is the same as regular glass.

Anderson 400 Series Casement Windows, Exterior color: Terratone, Interior: White Vinyl


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