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SECTION 1. Enforcement The Board shall have the power, at its sole option, to enforce the terms of this instrument or any rule or regulation promulgated pursuant thereto, by any or all of the following: self-help, sending notice to the offending party to cause certain things to be done or undone; restoring the Association to its original position and charging the breaching party with the entire cost or any part thereof; or by taking any other action before any court, summary or otherwise, as may be provided by law.

SECTION 2. Fines. The Board shall also have the power to implement a system for the levying of fines against any Unit Owner(s) for violation(s) of any rule or regulation of the Association or of any covenants or restrictions contained in the Condominium Declaration or By-laws.

SECTION 3. Waiver. No restriction, condition, obligation or covenant contained in these By-laws shall be deemed to have been abrogated or waived by reason of the failure to enforce the same irrespective of the number of violations or breaches thereof which may occur.



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