The association publishes a Financial Responsibility Schedule which clearly delineates which elements of the individual unit the association is financially responsible for and which elements are the financial responsibility of the individual owner.  This schedule augments the budget as a means of better understanding what common expenses your monthly condo fee goes towards.

The schedule provided below is intended to provide a convenient means of determining financial responsibility for various necessary services as well as for the repair and maintenance of various items associated with your unit.

Financial Responsibility Schedule
Maintenance, Repair and Replacement


Individual Unit Owners

Adjoining Owners

Master & Umbrella Insurance Policies Garage Doors Common Hallway Painting
Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Entry Door (Poolside Units) Common Hallway Repair
Flood Insurance Sliding Glass Doors Common Hallway Floor Coverings
Property Management Fees Casement Windows Common Entry Door
Trash Collection Skylights Common Hallway Carpet Cleaning
Fire Protection (Including Sprinkler System and Smoke Detectors at Top of Stairway in Common Hallway) Tilt-out Window Frames (Including operating hardware) and Sliding Doors (Including operating hardware)

in Solarium

Common Hallway Vacuuming
Common Utilities Internal Doors  
Pool Maintenance Internal Painting  
Snow Removal Chimney Flues (Including portion above roofline)  
Landscaping Internal Walls  
Solarium Repair & Replacement Decks  
Roofs Flooring  
Paving Fireplaces  
Pool Equipment Contents Insurance  
Awnings Other Liability Insurance  
Exterior Painting Lighting – Interior  
Exterior Trim Lighting – Common Hallway  
Exterior Flashing Lighting – Unit Exterior  
Exterior Siding, Sheathing & Wall Studs Intercom Systems – Exterior

and Interior Components

Pool & Driveway Lighting Smoke Detectors Inside Unit  
Fencing Interior Damage Due To Water Infiltration  
Signage Plumbing
(Including plumbing that originates inside the unit and extends outside the unit–to the extent that such plumbing uniquely services a particular unit. Examples include water service lines, sewer lines, gas lines.)
Mailing Costs Drywall  
  Toilets, Tubs, Sinks  
  Electrical Wiring
(Including wiring that originates inside the unit and extends outside the unit–to the extent that such wiring uniquely services a particular unit. Examples include the electrical service lines coming from the outdoor service entrance where the electric meters are located, cable TV wiring and telephone wiring.)
  All other interior items  

This list is not meant to be all-inclusive but only to serve as a guide for the most important items of responsibility.

Please be advised that our By-Laws grant the Board, if necessary, the authority to perform repair and maintenance of items assigned as individual unit owner financial responsibility and assess the costs incurred to the individual unit owner.