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Listed below are some items that may require regular attention on your part, and also some precautions.

Washing Machine Hoses. In short, ALWAYS turn the water pressure off to the washing machine when you're not washing clothes AND replace your washing machine hoses today if you don't know when they were last replaced. While it is convenient that units 4 through 24 have the laundry located on the floor where most of the bedrooms are, the potential for water damage from a broken washing machine hose is considerable. The rubber washing machine hoses which connect the washing machine to the shutoff valves on the wall are notorious for breaking at "the wrong time."  When is "the wrong time?"  Just about any time other than when you planned to replace them as a preventative maintenance item. If you acquired your unit with the washing machine and don't know how old the washing machine hoses to your washing machine are, simply replace them today. At $10 apiece, this maintenance will save you much aggravation compared with the consequences of a broken washing machine hose at a later date. After replacement, plan to re-inspect the new hoses once a year and replace them again before they look like they need to be replaced.

Smoke Detector. Smoke detectors are located in each unit and in the common hallways. You are responsible for assuring that the detectors in your unit work properly. The annual fire inspection includes testing of the individual smoke detectors. The smoke detectors originally installed when the development was built are AC operated and do not require periodic replacement of batteries.

Intercom. Due to the corrosive effects of the salt air inherent to any oceanfront location, the life span of the outdoor portion of the intercom system is typically between 18 and 30 months. If the speaker/microphone is no longer allowing you to speak from inside the unit to the front door or the doorbell is not functioning properly, it may be time for a new outdoor unit. Replacement of this component is an item which is identified by the "Schedule of Financial Responsibility" as being the financial responsibility of the individual unit owner.

If you have any questions about maintenance, E-mail the Board of Directors.


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