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  1. An owner shall not lease or rent his/her unit to any other party, except for periods not less than six (6) months per lessee. The unit owner shall notify the Board of Directors (the "Board") or the Property Manager in writing, of any such rental or tenancy by completing a "New Tenant Profile" form and submitting it with a copy of the lease to the Property Manager or Board prior to the tenant moving in. There is a fine of $500.00 per month for rentals of less than six (6) months and, a $15.00 fine for failure to notify the Condominium ("Association") of rental. Subleasing and time-sharing are prohibited.
  2. When a unit is rented it shall be occupied by no more than eight (8) people.
  3. In all cases, it is the responsibility of any owner renting his/her unit to guarantee the appropriate behavior of his/her renters, and to make sure that his/her renters are aware of and abide by the rules and regulations of the Association. A copy of the rules and regulations shall be provided to each renter and maintained in said unit. Any disregard for the rules and regulations regarding appropriate behavior by a renter, could result in the suspension of the privilege to use common areas and subject the unit owner to a fine. In the event that the tenant of any Unit Owner shall breach his lease by failing to comply with any of the terms of the Declaration, By-laws and the Rules and Regulations, the Board of Directors may require the Unit Owner to secure the eviction of his tenant.
  4. Any damages to common area by a renter will subject the owner to a fine or assessment.


1. Each Unit Owner shall assure that the Association has a means of access to his/her unit by providing the Management Office with keys for all locks to the unit's front entrance. If locks are changed or added, the Unit Owner shall immediately provide the appropriate keys to the Management Office.

2. If the Association requires emergency access to a unit (for reasons of safety, health, maintenance of equipment, etc.) and emergency access keys are not available at the Management Office, then the Unit Owner shall be liable for any expense caused by forcible entry, including repair of broken locks or doors and any consequential damage to the units or to common elements of the Association resulting from delayed entry.


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